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Yongqiang Feng(


Designing highly efficient Pt-free electrocatalysts with low overpotential for the alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) remains a significant challenge. Here, a novel and efficient Co, Ru bimetallic electrocatalyst composed by CoRu nanoalloy decorated on the N-doped carbon nanotubes (N-CNTs), deriving from the fullerenol and melamine via hydrothermal treatment followed by pyrolysis. Benefiting from the electronic communication between Co and Ru sites, the as-obtained CoRu@N-CNTs exhibited superior electrocatalytic HER activity. To deliver a current density of 10 mA cm-2, it required an overpotential of merely 19 mV along with a Tafel slope of 26.19 mV dec-1 in 1 M KOH, outperforming the benchmark Pt/C catalyst. The present work would pave a new way for the design and construction of efficient electrocatalyst for energy storage and conversion.

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CoRu alloy, electrocatalyst, water splitting, hydrogen evolution reaction, carbon nanotubes

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