Highly Dispersed Pt Nanoparticles Root in Single-atom Fe Sites in LDHs towards Efficient Methanol Oxidation

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Aibing Chen;
Daojin Zhou;
Xiaoming Sun(sunxm@mail.buct.edu.cn)


Active and durable electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction are of critical importance to the commercial viability of direct methanol fuel cell, which has already attracted growing popularities. However, current methanol oxidation electrocatalysts fall far short of expectations and suffer from excessive use of noble metal, mediocre activity, and rapid decay. Here we report the Pt anchored on NiFe-LDHs surface hybrid for stable methanol oxidation in alkaline media. Based on the high intrinsic methanol oxidation activity of Pt nanoparticles, the substrates NiFe-LDHs further enhance anti-poisoning ability and maintain unaffected stability after 200,000 s cycle test compared to commercial Pt/C catalyst. The use of NiFe-LDHs is believed to play the decisive role to evenly disperse Pt nanoparticles on their surface using single atomic dispersed Fe as anchoring sites, making full use of abundant OH groups and subsequent facilitating the oxidative removal of carbonaceous poison on neighboring Pt sites. This work highlights the specialty of NiFe-LDHs in improving the overall efficiency of methanol oxidation reaction.


Layered double hydroxides, methanol oxidation, single-atom, Pt electrocatalysts

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