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CHENG Xuan(xcheng@xmu.edu.cn)


Methanol crossover and its effect on the open-circuit voltage(OCV) in DMFCs were studied usingcyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry under stationary condition and at ambient temperature.An H-shapecell was constructed and a simulative DMFC test was carried out to investigate methanol crossover through Na-fion(117 from anode to cathode.The results revealed thatthe amountof methanol in the cathode side is depend-ent upon the time of penetration.As the concentration of methanol increased,the hydrogen adsorption-desorptionon the surface of electrode was suppressed and a shoulder peak appeared during the forward sweep for methanoloxidation.The simulative DMFC test also showed that the methanol crossover caused a sudden decline in theOCV.


Methanol crossover, Methanol oxidation, Cyclic voltammetry

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