The Variations of crystal lattice parameters of Li_xCoO_2 during charge anddischarge have been st ud ied by XRD and AAR spectroscopy.It was found that the Li_xCoO_2 crystalvolume expanded during charge and contracted during discharge.The crystal lattice structure wasbroken because of the formation of Co_3O_4 when deeply charge.The variation of lattice parameter C_0value in cycling process was similar to that in charge process.The variation of 006 peak was the mostsensitive in every case.In case of preheating for 20 hours at 700℃ before operating hightemperature,the 006 peak obtained an enhancement obviously.It has had the good rechargeability inmeasurement of the cyclic voltammograms,the CV curve at 1000th was same as that of first one.This material could have cvcled more than 270 times at 100% DOD.The AA size cells ofrechargeable lithium battery and Li-Ion battery both are being tested now.


Lithium-ion battery, Li_xCoO_2, Lattice parameter

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