The influence of Ag_2SO_4,Li_2SO_4,Na_2SO_4,K_2SO_4,NH_4)_2SO_4,MgSO_4 and KF onthe evolution of O_2 and the formation of Cr_2O at Pt and PbO_2 anodes was investigated in mixedH_2SO_4-Cr_2(SO_2)_3 solutions.The kinetic data related respectively to Cr_2O formation and O_2 evolutionat Pt and PbO_2 anodes were measured by method of resolving the steady-state polarization curve.TheTafel slope of steady-state ~1g i relationships for Cr_2O formation reaction is close to 2×2. 303RT/βF,whereas for O_2 evolution it is close to 2.303 RT/βF(with β=0.5). The results indicate thatthe current efficiency for Cr_2O formation is increased by adding Ag ̄+ ions to the anolyte and decreasedby adding Li ̄+,Na ̄+,K ̄+,NH and Mg ̄(2+) ions to the anolyte at Pt electrode.While on PbO_2 electrode,the current efficiency of Cr_2O formation is decreased by adding Ag ̄+ and F ̄- ions to the anolyte andincreased by adding K ̄+ ions to the anolyte.


Platinum electrode, Lead dioxide electrode, Anodic formation of Cr_2O ion, Anodic evolution of oxygen

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1石志超,糜天英,朱荣昭.PbO_2电极上Cr(Ⅲ)阳极氧化为Cr(Ⅵ)的机理研究;铂电极上Cr(Ⅲ)阳极氧化为铬酸盐的机理研究.第四届全国电化学会议论文摘要(五),武汉,1987,10:5013,50152金世雄,马克勤,周文峰。Mn ̄(3+)离子阳极形成动力学与机理.南开大学学报(自然科学版),1991,(3):413金世雄,孙丰.Co(Ⅲ)离子在铂电极上阳极氢化为Co(Ⅲ)离子的动力学与机理.南开大学学报(自然科学版),1993,(2):11~184金世雄,孙丰.Co(Ⅲ)离子在PbO_2电极上的阳极形成.物理化学学报,1993,9(4):538~5415金世雄,朱荣昭,许兆廉等.二氧化铅电极的镀制及其应用.南开大学学报(自然科学版),1984,(1):866吕希伦编著.无机过氧化合物化学.北京:科学出版社,1987:166~287



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