Hydrogen-bond between stearic acid and aniline in subphase lead to Langmuirmonotayers of stearic acid-aniline,the molecular area of stearic acid-aniline is 26 nm ̄2.With surfacepressure increased into 50 mN/M,the hydrogen-bond would be rearranged ,aniline moleculartransales into vertical from horizontal,surface pressure decreased quickly. A new kind of Langmuirmonolayer is formed instead of collapse,it's molecular area decreases into 24 nm ̄2 and thicknessincreases with 0.25 nm. After electroreduction of L-B films depeited onto the surface ofSnO_2 electrode ,anilne layers between two stear acid matix could be polymerized into thin films ofpolyanilne.The structu re of thin films has ben studied by small angle X-ray scattering.Theelectrochemical properties of such thin films are very different from the films of polyaniline preparedby others methods.It's properties is not only effected by the proceed of ion transport,also by thehydrophilic grounp(-COO ̄-)of stearic acid.


Aniline polyaniline, Langmuir-Blogeet films, Electropolyerization

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