AC impedance technique has been used to characterize the system of poly(methyl acrylic acid )-poly(methyl acrylic lithiumate )-glycerol (referred to as GPE ) .The results showed that the conductivity of GPE increased with increasing both temperature and its water content .The glass transition temperature of GPE polymer could be lowered by water .Its conducting characteristic was just like liquid electrolyte ,The electrolysis of GPE was almost the same as the electrolysis of water .Its composition voltage was about 1.50V .The GPE has been used to manufacture lithium water cell. When the graphite was used as cathode, the cell could discharge continuously for 2 hours under constant load (5.2 kΩ). But as an inactive membrane, due to the reation of lithium with GPE getting thicker, hydrogen produced by reduction and diffusion rate of water in GPE , potential and current decreased continuously.

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