Corresponding Author

Han-xi YANG(hxyang@whu.edu.cn)


Ultrafine amorphous alloy particles (UAAP) of Fe-B and Co-B were synthesized and tested for possible use as electroactive anode materials. It is found that unlike their parent elements, the alloy particles of transition metal (TM) and boron, the Fe-B and Co-B showed superior electrochemical activities when used as anodic materials in aqueous alkaline solution. The discharge capacities of Fe-B and Co-B electrodeswere observed to be 1 200 mAh/gand 1 100 mAh/gat moderately high rate of 100 mAh/g, respectively, much higher than the theoreticalcapacity of currently used zinc metal (820 mAh/g). The exceptional high capacities of the boride alloys were probably due to the electrochemicalactivation of boron atoms in the highly dispersed transition metal atoms, the better conductivity and the existence of finite ionic bond in UAAP.


Ultrafine particle, Amorphous alloy, Fe-B, Co-B, Anode materials, High capacities density

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