Corresponding Author

Shao-rong WANG(srwang@cumt.edu.cn)


Tape cast method was applied to prepare green sheets of Ni/YSZ anode supported YSZ thin film. After isostatic pressure treatment and cosintering, the YSZ film on the Ni/YSZ anode was gas-tight dense, and 15~30 μm thick. The area of the composite film was over 100 cm~(2). A Ce_(0.8)Sm_(0.2)O_(1.9 )(CSO) interlayer was sintered on to the YSZ electrolyte film to protect La_(0.6)Sr_(0.4)CoO_(3 )(LSCO) cathode from reaction with YSZ at high temperatures. The LSCO cathode layer was screen printed onto the CSO interlayer and sintered at 1 200 ℃ for 3h to form a single cell. The obtained single cell was operated with H_(2) as fuel and O_(2) as oxidant. The cell performance was measured and impedance contributions were discussed.


SOFC, Tape cast, YSZ

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