The electrochemical behavior of aluminized steel in seawater has been studied by immersion test and electrochemical technology. The results indicate that compared with 20# steel, the aluminized steel has lower corrosion potential and stronger anodic activity in seawater. Its anodic solution will occur at low potential. The immersion test shows that the corrosion rates of aluminized steel and 20# steel are 5.80 mg/dm~2 dand 3.36 mg/dm~2 d, respectively. Through the X-ray diffraction patternanalysis, it was found that chloride ions exit in the corrosion products of aluminized steel. It proves the participation of chloride ions in the process of corrosion, which are the main reason resulting in the corrosion. The research reveals that Aluminized steel's excellent corrosion resisting property in seawater is attributed to the combined action of the shutoff on the surface and couple protection. Besides the compact and uniform films of Al-Fe compound and the oxide of Al formed on the aluminized steel's surface, the aluminized layer as sacrificial anode can also protect the matrix.


Seawater, Aluminized steel, Electrochemical behavior

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