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Xin-ping AI(xpai@whu.edu.cn)


A gel polymer electrolyte was prepared by thermal initiating polymerization of the acrylates in the EC/EMC/DMC electrolyte solution at 100℃. The LiCoO_2/MCMB polymer cells were assembled and their electrochemical properties were evaluated at various charge-discharge rate and temperatures. The ionic conductivity of the polymer electrolyte containing 85wt.% liquid electrolyte is around 3.2×10~(-3)S·cm~(-1) at 20℃ and 5.6×10~(-4)S·cm~(-1)at -30℃ respectively. The gel polymer electrolyte has good electrochemical stability up to 4.5V versus Li/Li~(+).The first charge-discharge efficiency of the polymer cell at 0.2C rate is almost 92.1%. The discharge capacity of the cell at 1.0C rate is 95% of the capacity at the 0.2C rate and the discharge capacity of the cell at -20℃ is 72% of the capacity at the 20℃. The charge-discharge capacity of the polymer cell is stable with charge-discharge cycling.


In-situ, Polymer electrolyte, Conductivity, Polymer lithium ion battery

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