Corresponding Author

Hui-wen YANG


Nickel foam with weight uniformity, good porosity ,pore size and low resistivity as a three-dimensional cathode was used in a filter-press electrochemical reactor. The H_(2)SO_(4) as supporting electrolyte, separator of cation ion exchange membrane, and the lead plate as an anode were used. The cyclic system consisted of electroreduction reactor, pump, store tank and ampere meter. NAU was electroreduced in the cathode chamber of the reactor. Purine intermediate was synthesized with DAU, and the results were compared with those of iron powder reduction process. A peak current in the electroreduction process was detected. The current density of nickel foam increased by 77.3%~86.7% than that of using plate nickel. The average current efficiency was 90.3% and average conversion of NAU was 98.4% , and average energy consumed was 2.92 kWh/kg, respectively. The Purine yield of electroreduction was similar to that of using iron powder.


Nickel foam, Three-dimensional electrode, Electroreduction, Filter-press reactor

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