MCM-41/vinylidine fluoride-hexafluropropene copolymer (PVdF-HFP) composite microporous polymer electrolytes were prepared with mixed solvent of N, N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) and acetone. The influence of MCM-41 and nano-SiO_(2) on the porous structure of the microporous polymer electrolytes were studied with SEM. The results show that MCM-41 could take the place of the plasticizer in the process of making pores, and bring the preparation of microporous membranes easily. The preliminary electrochemical tests showed that the ion conductivity of composite microporous polymer electrolyte with 10% MCM-41 was about 10~(-3) S cm~(-1), and the performance of batteries was improved. The mesoporous MCM-41selected in the paper possesses the framework unit of SiO_(2), that is widely used as inorganic filler in polymer electrolyte. In addition, it possesses the particular channels arranged in hexagonal array and a large surface interstice as stacking, that could lead to the formation and connectivity of micropores, finally a higher ion conductivity. These properties make MCM-41 the favorable and promising inorganic filler in polymer electrolyte.


Li-ion batteries, PVdF-HFP, Mesoporous MCM-41, Polymer electrolyte membranes

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