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Ning GU


The role of Polyaspartic acid in the corrosion inhibition of 45~(#) carbon steel in sulphuric acid solution has been investigated by polarization curve andelectrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The influences of the concentration and the temperature of PASP on the corrosion inhibition efficiency were determined. The results indicated that the PASP as the corrosion inhibitor mainly inhibitated the anode; within the experiment temperature, the inhibitor efficiency decreased with the raising of the temperature and PASP had a good inhibiting performance at 10℃, the corrosion inhibition efficiency of PASP for carbon steel increased with the increase of the concentration of PASP when its concentration was lower than 2.5g L~(-1)and became constant approximately when its concentration was higher than 2.5g L~(-1),the maximum inhibitor efficiencywas 80.33%at 10℃;The adsorption behavior of PASP on the carbon steel surface followed a Freundlich-type isotherm; The adding ofPASP increased the activation energy of the corrosion reaction of carbon steel.


Carbon steel, Polyaspartic acid, Green corrosion inhibition, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Absorption isotherm

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