The catalytic splitting decomposition of carbon nanotubes isprocessed by dispersing with dilute nitric acid and thermal oxidation. Then well-proportionedphenolic resin is mixed in the carbon nanotubes. Then, the carbon nanotubesare made into electrodes by hot-press molding after the process of milling with high speed. The surface of the carbon nanotubes electrodes is analyzed by SEM. Active red X-3B simulated waster water is disposed by carbon nanotubes catalyticelectrode (anode) and stainless steel(cathode). The influencing factors of degradation by current density, concentrationof electrolyte, systemtemperature and pH are investigated. The experimental results indicated that acidiccondition is propitious tothe degradationreaction of organicdyestuff and wastewater can be disposed at normal temperature.


Nanotubes catalytic electrodes, Electrocatalytic oxidation, Dyestuff waste water

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