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Xin-hua LIN(xinhua63@163.com)


In 0.1mol/L phosphate buffer solution (pH 3.0), the voltammetry behaviors of curcumin at a glassy carbon electrode have been studied.One pair of current peaks of the voltammogram may be attributed to a reversible one-electron transfer of curcumin molecules at the glassy carbon electrode.A new method, the differential pulse voltammetry,for curcumin determination is described. The adsorptive potential of curcumin is (+0.8) V(vs. SCE),while its peak potential of curcumin is +0.386V(vs. SCE).The peak current is proportional to the concentration of curcumin over the rage of 1.0×10~(-8)mol/L ~2.5×10~(-7)mol/L.A detection limit of 4.0×10~(-9)mol/Lof curcumin can be estimated. The method is simple, rapid, sensitive and reliable.


Curcumin, Glassy carbon electrode, Differential pulse voltammetry

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