Corresponding Author

Zhan-jun ZHANG


Alkanethiols and ferrocene derivates were used to construct redox self-assembled double-or triplex-layer thin films, which acted as a model of redox self-assembled multilayer thin films (SAMTFs) to study the in-fluence of alkanethiols chain length on the electrochemical behavior of the SAMTFs. The rate of electron transferreaction decreased exponentially with the distance between the Fc groups and the underlying electrodes. The in-fluence of chain length on the electrochemical behaviors of the SAMTFs was inconsistent under different situa-tions. On the experimental situation of this work, when electroactive groups were closer to the electrodes,SAMTFs by longer chains of alkanethiols displayed stronger electrochemical responses, while when distance be-tween electroactive groups and electrodes was extended, SAMTFs by shorter chain would present more obviouselectrochemical responses.


Self-assmbled multiplayer thin films, Cyclic voltammetry, Chain length, Alkanethiols, Elec-tron transfer, Ferrocene

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