This study is to investigate the high temperature hot corrosion behavior of aluminide coating and platinum-aluminide coating on Ni-base superalloy MAR-M247. On the platinum-aluminide, aluminide and the base metal, respectively, by the salt spraying method. The resistances to hot corrosion of platinum-aluminide coating, aluminide coating and the base metal were evaluated by the variations of weight gains. Aluminide and platinum-aluminide coating showed significanty beneficial effect on inhibiting the hot corrosion of MAR-M247. But that of the platinum-aluminide coating was even much better. The aluminide coating surface was composed of β-NiAl, and that of the platinum-aluminide coating was PtAl_(2). Both two phases could provide better resistances to hot corrosion than that of MAR-M247 in Na_(2)SO_(4), at 910℃.


Nickel-based superalloy, Hot corrosion, Aluminide coating, Platinum-aluminide coating

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