The 430 stainless steels have been hot dipped in the molten Al-6.5%Si melts from 680 to 800℃, respectively. The effects of the hot dipping temperature and time on the thickness of the internal alloy layer have been investigated. The activation energy of the growth kinetic of aluminized layer was also calculated. The results showed that the thickness of aluminized layer increased with increasing dipping time and temperature. Besides, the growth kinetic of aluminized layer obeys parabolic rate law. The FeAl_(3 )and Fe_(2)Al_(5 )were formed by the inward diffusion, and the interface of intermetallic layer will be rugged and rough at the 800℃ more than 680℃.


Hot-dip aluminum-silicon, Hot-dip pure aluminum, 430 stainless steel, Aluminide layer.

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