The test of chloride ion penetration based on the standards of ASTM C1202-93 is applied to evaluate the anti-corrosion performance of concrete in this research. Concrete specimens were produced according to ACI 318-89 mixture proportioning design and the Desenfied Mixture Design Algorithm (DMDA) and were measured the 6-hour coulombs at the age of 91 days. Results show that w/b is not the factor influencing chloride penetration of ACI concrete, as the ion penetration of ACI specimens is all higher than 2 000 Coulombs and can even be poorer than 10 000 Coulombs. With a proper amount of pozzolanic material, the anti-corrosion performance of DMDA concrete is proportioning to the paste amount and the water content. In short, DMDA concrete can show the excellent durability as a result of the chloride ion penetration are all less than 1 000 Coulumbs.


ASTM C1202-93, Chloride ion penetration, DMDA, Durability

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