The behaviors of dissociative adsorption of ethanol on roughened platinum-ruthenium electrode with high activity of SERS were studied by using cyclic voltammetry and in-situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, surface enhanced Raman spectra of dissociative adsorption of ethanol on Pt electrode in acid was obtained for the first time. It is shown that the Pt-Ru could lower the over-potential of CO oxidation when compared to Pt electrode. The results show that the ethanol in acid medium can be self-dissociated at Pt-Ru electrode to produce CO, which discourage the further oxidation of ethanol, some information of Pt-C and Pt-C-Pt stretching vibration from linearly adsorbed and bridged-adsorbed CO located in low frequency were examined respectively. Based on the data from in-situ SERS, it was proved that the oxidation of ethanol was processed via the parallel mechanism in this paper. SERS would be also extended to the electro-catalytic systems.


Ethanol, Dissociative adsorption, Pt-Ru

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