The metal oxide anodes coated on titanium used in seawater electrolysis were prepared by thermal decomposition.Their morphologies、compositions and phase structures were determined by scanning electron microscope(SEM)、energy dispersive X-ray detector(EDX) and X-ray diffraction(XRD).The electrochemical properties of the anodes were characterized by accelerated life test,cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.SEM、EDX and XRD showed that solid solution structures of(Ru,Ir,Ti)O_(2)and(Ir,Ti)O_(2) were formed after pyrolysis,the solid solution structures and active components were disappeared after the deactivation of the anodes.Electrochemical results indicated that the active area decreased and the coating resistance increased,which are resulted by active component falling off from the anode surfaces.Hence,the deactivation of the oxide anodes was due to detachment of the active component under alternative current electrolysis.


Metal oxide coated titanium anodes, Alternative current electrolysis, Deactivation mechanism

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