Electrochemical disinfection method was used to treat wastewater from hospitals.The mechanism of electrochemical disinfection was researched by using the different anode materials.The results showed that when the titanium coated with noble metal(Ru、Pt、Ir)oxide was used as an anode and stainless steel as a cathode,the current density was 6 mA/cm~(2),hydraulic retention time was 15 min,air flow rate was 40 L/h,the rate of anode effective area to the inner water volume was 1.0,the amount of total colibacillus was below 500 CFU/L after electrochemical disinfection,All these meet the first order of Effluent Discharge Standard(GB8978-98).


Hospital's wastewater, Electrochemical disinfection, Electrode material, Amount of total colibacillus

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