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CAILan-kun CAILan-kun


Cyclic voltammetry(CV) was used to characterize the voltammetric behaviours of organic additives,e.g.PSA(phenolsulfonic acid)、EN(ethoxylatedα-naphthol) and ENSA(ethoxylatedα-naphthol sulfonic acid),on the anode surface.In PSA solutions,an anodic peak was obtained and the peak potential was about 1.2V.In EN and ENSA solutions,two anodic peaks were obtained and the peak potentials were about(0.95V) and 1.3V.The products of galvanostatic electrolysis were separated by HPLC(high performance liquid chromatography) and analyzed by EI/MS(electron ionizing mass spectrometry).The mechnism of the electrochemical oxidation was also disussed.


Tin plating electrolyte, Organic additives, Anodic oxidation, Cyclic voltammetry

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