The anti-corrosion coating of Poly(Vinyl Chloride-Co-Isobutyl Vinyl Ether)(PVCCIVE) was modified by rutile nano-TiO_(2).The influence of nano-TiO_(2) pastes on the coating's corrosion resistance was investigated through electrochemistry impedance spectroscopy(EIS).The results show that the addition of nano-TiO_(2) pastes does not have obvious effect on the coating's performance of adhesion,flexility,impact resistance,but improves the coating's UV resistance and the gloss.Meanwhile,with the proper addition of rutile nano-TiO_(2) pastes,the(anti)-corrosion behavior of the coating was advanced.


Rutile nano-TiO_(2), Anti-corrosive coating, Poly(Vinyl Chloride-Co-Isobutyl Vinyl Ether) resin(PCCCIVE), Electrochemistry impedance spectroscopy(EIS)

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