Accurate control and fabrication of silicon surface structures from atomic scale to micrometer scale,which may be randomly associated with surface roughness or have well defined patterns,is critical for the per-formance and reliability of electronic devices.Electrochemical reactions of silicon in solutions involved in wetcleaning and etching of silicon wafer play an importantrole in determining the structures of silicon surface.Atre-mendous amount of researches have been done in the last several decades to understand and control a range ofcomplex electrochemical reactions at silicon/solution interface and their relations to the resulted surface struc-tures.The findings generated from these research efforts have been compiled and integrated in a recently pub-lished book.This paper is to present an overview,using synthesized information from this book,on the aspect ofsilicon dissolution and the resulted surface structures.


Silicon, Etching, Dissolution, Surface structure, Micro device fabrication, Surface reactions, MEMS

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