AC impedance and polarization curve measurements were conducted to study the effects of environ-ment-friendly inhibitors PASP,Na_(2)WO_(4)and their complexes on the corrosion of cupronickel B10 in 3%NaCl solution.The results indicate that PASP or Na_(2)WO_(4)alone does inhibit the corrosion of B10,and most effectiveconcentrations are 40 mg/L and 60 mg/L for PASP and Na_(2)WO_(4),respectively.With the total concentration of 40mg/L for the complex inhibitors,the optimum complex ratio of PASP to Na_(2)WO_(4)was 3:1.The complex of such a combination showed a significantly synergetic inhibition effect on the corrosion of B10.


PASP, Sodium tungstate, B10, Inhibitor, AC impedance

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