The self-assembled monolayers(SAMs)of n-dodecanethiol were prepared on gold substrates under electrochemical conditions using potential step technique.Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was employed to characterize the SAMs prepared under different substrate potentials.It is found that the potential applied to gold substrate has great influence on the formation of SAMs.Within potential regime-0.8 V to 1.2 V,the increase of applied potential firstly leads to the formation of SAMs with higher packing density,better ordering and less defects.However,after reaching the maximum at 0.4 V,the packing density and the ordering of SAMs begin to deteriorate when the substrate potential is further increased.This work provides solid experimental basis for potential-controlled formation of SAMs from alkanethiols and their derivatives.


Electrochemistry, Self-assembled monolayers, Potential-controlled assembly, Alkanethiol

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