In this paper,the electrochemical reduction of benzaldehyde was investigated in C_4MIMBF_(4)、(C_(6)MIMBF_(4)) and C_(8)MIMBF_(4) ionic liquids by cyclic linear sweep voltammetry,cyclic square-wave voltammetry and chronocoulometry.Benzaldehyde exhibits two successive one-electron irreversible reduction(E_(P1)=-1.39 V,E_(P2)=1.69 V) with GC electrode in C_(4)MIMBF_(4),the voltammetric data for benzaldehyde give diffusion coefficients of 1.5 10~(-8)cm~(2)/s and 1.3 10~(8)cm~2/s.There is one current peak in C_(6)MIMBF_(4)and C_8MIMBF_4 ionic liquids due to their stronger alkalinity then C_4MIMBF_4.The decay time of the charging current became longer in C_(4)MIMBF_(4)、C_(6)MIMBF_(4)、C_(8)MIMBF_(4),and slower heterogeneous kinetics in(C_(6)MIMBF_(4)) and C_(8)MIMBF_(4) ionic liquids.


Benzaldehyde, Ionic liquids, Voltammetry, Electrochemistry

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