Spinel LiMn_(2)O_(4) was prepared from CH_(3)COOLi·2H_(2)O,Mn(CH_(3)COO)_(2) and adipic acid based on sol-gel process.XRD analysis showed that when the sintering temperature increased,the crystallinity increased,and the capacity also increased.However,its cycleability reached a maximum value at 750 ℃.The sintering duration also influenced on the capacity.The optimized performance was obtained when the sintering was carried out at 750 ℃ for 20 h.Under these conditions,as-prepared spinel LiMn_(2)O_(4) presented the initial discharge capacity of 130 mAh g~(-1) and 125 mAh g~(-1) at 15~(th) cycle.


Sol-gel, Spinel LiMn_(2)O_(4), Preparation, Adipic acid

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