A given amount of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC)was added to PVA complex and thus the PVA-CMC-KOH-H_(2)O alkaline polymer electrolyte with this modification was prepared.The properties of the polymer electrolyte films were characterized by AC impedance,cyclic voltammetry,differential thermal analysis and infrared spectroscopic analysis methods.The polymer electrolyte exhibited a high ionic conductivity,typically 10~(-2)S·cm~(-1) with an electrochemical stability window of about 1.6 V on stainless steel blocking electrodes.The influence of the film composition such as KOH,H_(2)O and CMC on ion conductivity was investigated.In addition,a preliminary study was carried out on the polymer electrolyte for Ni/MH battery.It was shown that the Ni/MH battery with the polymer electrolyte presented a good charge/discharge performance at lower discharge rates.


Alkaline polymer electrolyte, PVA, CMC, Modification by blend, Ion conductivity

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