Spherical Ni(OH)_(2) was coated with CoOOH through chemical precipitation and electrolytic oxidation.The influences of CoOOH coating on fast charge performance ofMH/Ni battery were studied by preparing high capacity and fast charge AA size MH/Ni batteries.The sample coated with CoOOH was characterized by Infrared spectrum(IR) and scanning electron microscopy(SEM).The results showed that the internal resistance decreased 3.4 mΩ,the charge plateau lower and the cell temperrature was below 55 ℃ at the end of charging process when the cathode active material used Ni(OH)_2 coated with CoOOH as compared with that doped by CoO.In addition,an initial discharge efficiency of 90.6% and over 300 cycles lifetime were achieved when the batteries were fast charged.


Spherical nickel hydroxide, Surface modification, CoOOH, Fast charge

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