Au_(core)Pt_(shell)nanoparticles with different thicknesses were prepared by using chemical reduction method,and characterized by ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy(UV-Vis),transmission electron microscopy(TEM) and cyclic voltammetry(CV).The electrocatalytic activity of Au_(core)Pt_(shell)nanoparticles with the mean diameter of 70~80 nm to methanol oxidation was investigated by cyclic voltammetry in the acid solution.The results revealed that the prepared core-shell nanoparticles were covered by Pt shell and exhibited the similar optical property and electrocatalytic activity with the normal Pt surface.Moreover,the electrocatalytic activity increased with the electrochemical sweep in the certain potential range.It might be contributed by the special loose structure of Pt shell rather than the increase of the real area.


Au_(core)Pt_(shell)nanoparticles, Methanol, Electrocatalysis

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