Corresponding Author

Jian-Chao WANG


Cyclic voltammetry was used to study the electroreduction of Ni~(2+)to Ni on Pt and Cu electrode in acetamide-urea-NaBr melt at 353K.It is irreversible in one step.At Pt and Cu eletrode the diffusion coefficient and electron transfer coefficient of Ni~(2+) in 0.063mol/dm~(3) NiCl_(2)-acetamide-urea-NaBr melt were determined.The transfer coefficient α=0.28 and diffusion coefficient D_(0)=4.63×10~(-5) cm~(2·)s~(-1)of the Pt eletrode and transfer coefficient α=0.22 and diffusion coefficient D_(0)=6.05×10~(-7) cm~(2·)s~(-1)of the Cu eletrode were measured.It was put emphasis on that Gd~(3+) is not reduced to Gd alone in copper matrix,but can be inductively codeposited with Ni~(2+).The amorphous Gd-Ni alloy films were obtained by potentiostatic electrolysis.The content of Gd in the Gd-Ni deposits changes with the cathode potential,molar ratio of Gd~(3+)/ Ni~(2+) and the electrolysis time.Under the condition of electrolyte potential-0.75V and molar ratio of Gd(Ⅲ)/Ni(Ⅱ)1:1,the alloy film obtained after electrolysis 20 min is amorphous state.


Acetamide-urea-NaBr melt, Diffusion coefficient, Inductive codeposition, Gd-Ni alloy film

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