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Guang-chuan LIANG


The synergetic influence of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate(SDBS) with Tween-20(Tween) on zinc electrode was studied by polarization experiment,surface tension test,discharge test and SEM.It is found that the composite inhibitor ST has a much higher efficiency.The addition of Tween reduced the critical micell concentration of SDBS on zinc electrode remarkably and the distribution of adsorption became more homogeneous.ST inhibits corrosion of zinc electrode and improves discharge capacity of the whole battery.Through electrochemical morphological observation of anodic passivation behaviors of zinc electrode,the absorption of ST on electrode surface makes discharged production much smaller and keeps crude porous structure intact.Passivation of zinc electrode has been postponed.


Composite organic additive, polarization, passivation, Saturated concentration of absorption, Film zinc electrode

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