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XUZheng XUZheng


In this paper,the iron-doped nickel oxide thin film as anode catalyst was prepared by RF reactivesputtering method.The oxygen evolution reaction(OER) on the iron-doped nickel oxide was investigated withcyclic voltammetry,liner sweep voltammetry,polarization curves and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.Results showthat the iron acts as active site in the film which makes the overpotential lower,and changes therate-limiting from primary discharge of OH-ions to the recombination of oxygen atom.With the increasing of ox-ygen content in flu ratio during sputtering,the electrocatalytic activities of the film increase.Iron-doped nickeloxide thin film is promising material as OER electrocatalyst for hydrogen production than the nickel electrode.The oxygen overpotential on the film was over 500 mV lower than the overpotential with nickel at50mA/cm2.


Iron-doped nickel oxide, Electrocatalytic

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