Corresponding Author

Shi-yuan GUO


Making use of sulphonated coal,fruit hull,plastic of PVC,old plastic in recovery,four kinds of sloth fillers which densities are equal to active carbon to substitute quartz sand which are applied in project extensively.And link with appropriate backwashing to resolve the problem of electrodes pollution and &lamination of the fillers in the bipolar packed bed cell.Then via the treatment of the waste water that contains sodium p-ni-tro-phenolate to investigate the possibility of application.The results are as follow.There are better resuk for the reactors packed with old plastics in recovery and sulphonated coal than the one filled with quartz sand,and the results of the reactors filled with fruit hull and plastics of PVC are equal to it.After backwashing,the regeneration ratio of the reactors filled with sulphonated coal,fruit hull,plastic of PVC and old plastic in recovery are all bigger than the one filled with quartz sand.


Bipolar pached bed cell(BPBC), Sloth filler, Anti rinse, Sodium p-nitro-phenolate

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