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Ye-xiang TONG


The electroreduction of Zn(II) and Sb(III) in acetamide-urea-NaBr-KBr(343 K) were studied by cyclic volatmmetry.The reduction of Zn(II) or Sb(III) to the metals is an irreversible process.The transfer coefficient of Zn(II)+2e→Zn and Sb(III) +3e→Sb were calculated to be 0.231 and 0.319,the diffusion coefficient of Zn(II) and Sb(III) in the melt were determined as 1.70 10~(-6) and 3.21 10~(-6) cm~(2)· s~(-1) respectively.The Zn-Sb films with different Zn content from 29.67 at% to 97.34 at% were electrodeposited in acetamide-urea-NaBr-KBr melt at 343 K by controlling the deposition potential and the Zn(II)/Sb(III) molar ratio.The morphology of Zn-Sb film was observed by SEM.Zn-Sb film comprises of nanoparticles,the size is uniform and the typical dimension is about 50 nm.The favorable prospect of the acetamide-urea-NaBr-KBr melt used as the electrolytic medium depositing nano-semiconductor alloys can be expected.


Zn-Sb film, Nanoparticles, Acetamide-urea-NaBr-KBr melt, Electroreduction, Electrodeposition

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