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Cheng-xiao ZHANG(cxzhang@snnu.edu.cn)


A pre-oxidative amperometric glucose biosensor incorporated with carbon nanotube,ferrocenemonocarboxylic acid and PbO_(2) was designed.The interferences coming from reduced substances,such as ascoribic acid and urine acid were eliminated by PbO_(2).The oxidative current is linear at the potential of +0.40 V(vs.SCE) to the concentration of glucose in the range from 0.50 to 20 mmol·L~(-1),and the detection limit of glucose is 0.1 mol L~(-1).The relative standard deviation is 3.3% for seven successive assays at 5.0 mmol·L~(-1)glucose.This biosensors have been applied to determination of the glucose in serum with satisfying results.


Biosensor, Pre-oxidation, PbO_(2), Carbon nanotube, Glucose

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