In this study,a series of Co-doped compounds with the formula of LiNi_((0.75-x))Co_(0.25)Ti_(x)O_(2)(x=0,(0.1),0.25)was synthesized by using sol-gel method.Their structure,particle size,electrochemical properties were studied by TG,XRD,SEM and electrochemical tests.It was shown that the structure of materials changed from a hexagonal layered structure to a cubic structure as the x value increased.In particular,a mixture of hexagonal and cubic structure was presented at x =0.25.The electrochemical performance of the materials depended strongly on the amount of Ti doping.Possible effects on the structure and performance of LiNi_((0.75-x))Co_(0.25)Ti_(x)O_(2) due to Ti doping are briefly discussed based upon the experiment and computational results.


Lithium ion batteries, Cathode materials, Ti doping, Electrochemical performance

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