Yttrium doped Nano-NiO were synthesized by chemical precipitation method.Characterization and performance of the samples were studied by X-ray diffraction,the results showed that the doping Yttrium did not change the crystal structure of NiO,but the size of crystalline grain was reduced.The electrochemical properties of the electrode materials were measured in the three electrode system.Electrochemical properties of NiO were researched by cyclic voltammetry,constant current charge/discharge and AC impedance methods.It could be seen that the chemical doping improved the specific capacitance and the utilization of active materials.When the weight ratio of NiO with Y_(2)O_(3)was 1∶0.1,the composite material had the best properties.The maximum discharge specific capacitance was 363F g~(-1)in the 5 mol·L~(-1) KOH solution.The result of AC impedance showed that the doping could improve the electrochemical reversibility,reduce the resistance of cations transfered between the electrode and electrolyte which made the electrodes show the better capacitive behavior.


Supercapacitor, Nickel oxide, Yttrium

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