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Liang-shu XIA


Less than 1 percent of discarded dry batteries are recovered in china.it is necessary to find an economic,fast and environmentally friendly process to recycle spent dry batteries.Bioleaching is better one of the few technology applied for the recovery of the toxic metals from hazardous spent batteries.In this study,after the acidified sludge made by the inoculated and cultured indigenous sewage sludge was acted as leaching bacteria species,the influence of the different pH values,the different residence time of the sludge in bioreactor(RTB),the leaching time,whether or not adding Fe(iron powder) to the leaching liquid on the leaching rate of Ni,Cd was tested.The results show that the leaching rate of Ni,Cd in the spent Ni-Cd batteries reaches to 86.4 percent and 87.6 percent respectively under the conditions of the pH value of 1.8~2.1,RTB of 5d,the leaching time of 50d,1 percent Fe~(0) added in the leaching liquid,So scientific bases can be provided for the industrial produce.


Ni-Cd battery, Bioleaching process, Environmental pollution, Sewage sludge

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