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Fu-shen LI


The new electrolyte salt LiBOB for Li-ion battery was synthesized in laboratory,and series of electrolytes of LiBOB and PC/DEC was compounded.The conductivity of the electrolytes was compared by changing the temperature and concentration.The cycling performance of charging-discharging was also compared by the charging-discharging test,the results showed that the varying regularity of conductivities and cycling stability and capacity were not always identical,but there were a suitable electrolyte for Li/ARG cell.The A.C.impedance and CV were used to test the compatibility of the most suitable electrolyte and ARG anode.Conclusion can be drawn that the ARG anode can be protected very well by SEI film in 0.5 mol·L~(-1)LiBOB-PC/DEC(3∶7).


Li-ion battery, Electrolyte, LiBOB, PC, DEC

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