The heat character of Lithium-ion battery materials and explosion mechanism of Lithium-ion cells under the overcharge,short-circuit and other abuse behavior are tested by C_(80) calorimeter,_()DSC and charge-discharge instrument.SEI reactions,Li_xC_(6)/electrolyte and Li_xC_(6)/PVDF reactions take place at the anodes.Electrolyte and solvent reactions happen after 178℃ and Li_(1-x)Co_(1/3)Ni_(1/3)Mn_(1/3)O_(2) decomposes after 230℃.The batteries explode at 150℃ oven test or 1.5C,5.5 V overcharge and do not explode at short-circuit.


Lithium-ion battery, Explosion mechanism, Thermal stability, Overcharge, Short-circuit

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