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Yong-liang ZHOU


A rapid process is described to produce single or multiple electrodes of any shape based on CO_(2) laser ablation for microfluidic chip.The method is as follow: coating a kind of material as sacrifice layer on a piece of glass with sputtered Cr and Au;designing the needed pattern on a computer;selecting proper parameters and ablating with CO_(2) laser;wiping of Au/Cr and sacrifice layer,and obtain electrodes at last.The microfluidic chip was gotten by reversely bonding with a piece of PDMS,and sealing around with PDMS prepolymer.The mask' effect is the main factor that influencing electrode quality.The width of electrodes could be 100 μm.Demonstrated by voltammetry and flow injection amperometric analysis,the microfluidic chip could be used for amperometric detection.


Microfluidic chip, Gold electrode, CO_(2) laser

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