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Xin-hua LIN(xinhua63@163.com)


The electrochemical behavior of TanshinoneⅡA was investigated by voltammetry at a glassy carbon electrode.And Differential Pulse Voltammetric method for determination of TanshinoneⅡA was developed.In pH 4.0 acetate buffer solution,the relationship between oxidation peak current of Differential Pulse Voltammetric and the concentration of Tanshinone ⅡA was linear in the range of 3.0×10 ~(-7)~2.0×10 ~(–5) mol·L~(-1).The detection limit had been estimated as 2.0×10~(-8) mol·L~(-1).The interference of other components in the preparation could be efficiently eliminated by the glassy carbon electrode.This method can be used for the determination of TanshinoneⅡA in real sample with satisfactory results


TanshinoneⅡA, Glassy carbon electrode, Differential pulse voltammetric method

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