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Ke-long HUANG


The rate-determining step of V(Ⅳ) /V(Ⅴ) redoxreaction was investigated at graphite felt(GF)composite electrode by various techniques: cyclic voltammetry,polarization curve and impedance spectroscopy.Cyclic voltammetry analysis indicated that V(Ⅳ) /V(Ⅴ) redox reaction at GF electrode is quasi reversible.Acertain chemical reaction step is suspected to follow the electron transfer step of this reaction.The Tafel slopevalue(0.124) obtained from the polarization curve agrees well with theoretical value(0.12),which supposingthe electron transfer step was the rate-determining step.Impedance Spectroscopies at various potentials werestudied and simulated by equivalentcircuits.The impedance value of the electron transfer step modified is greatlyhigher than the others,which shows that the electron transfer step is the rate-determining step.This further con-firms the conclusion obtained by polarization curve test.


graphite felt, rate-determining step, vanadium redox battery, V(Ⅳ) / V(Ⅴ)

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