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Wei-hua QIU


Cathode materials LiNi_(1/3)Co_(1/3)Mn_(1/3)O_(2) were prepared by low-heating solid-state reaction.The micro-structure and morphology of as-synthesized materials have been investigated by using XRD and SEM.The compatibilities of LiNi_(1/3)Co_(1/3)Mn_(1/3)O_(2) with purchased LiPF_(6)/ EC+DMC+DEC electrolyte and prepared LiBOB/EC+DEC+EMC electrolyte have also been studied.The Li/LiNi_(1/3)Co_(1/3)Mn_(1/3)O_(2) batteries showed excellent electrochemical properties in the LiPF_(6)/ EC+DMC+DEC electrolyte.Reversible discharge capacities of 167、163、163、157、147mAh/g at 0.5C、1C、1.5C、2C、3C rate between 2.7~4.35 V,with stable cycling performances have been obtained.Comparatively,the specific capacity of 160 mAh/g at 0.5C was obtained in LiBOB/EC+DEC+DEC electrolyte,which was just a little lower than that in the other electrolyte.However,the high rate capability of the materials in LiBOB/EC+DEC+DEC was not as good as that in LiPF_(6)/EC+DMC+DEC,which needs to be improved in further studies.


Li-ion battery, Cathode materials, LiNi_(1/3)Co_(1/3)Mn_(1/3)O_(2), Electrolyte

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