A new electroactive polynuclear inorganic compound of rare earth metal hexacyanoferrate,gadolinium hexacyanoferrate(GdCHF),was prepared by electrochemically deposition on the surface of a glassy carbon electrode with a potential cycling procedure.The result of SEM indicated that the GdHCF was in the form of particles adhered on the surface of electrode.There were two different shapes and sizes of GdHCF forming on the surface of electrode.FTIR spectrum of GdHCF showed a very strong and sharp peak,which located at 2062.5 cm~(-1) and corresponded to the stretching vibration of the C≡N group in the GdHCF.The cyclic voltammetric results indicated that the GdHCF/GC electrode exhibited two pairs of redox peaks with the formal potential of E~(0')(I) = 192.5 mV and E~(0')(II) = 338.5 mV,respectively.The effect of the different supporting electrolyte on the electrochemical characteristics of GdHCF was studied and the results showed that GdHCF had an ability of prior to select Na~(+) ion.


Electrochemical deposition, Chemically modified electrode, Gadolinium hexacyanoferrate

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