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Zhi-yuan TANG


The cooperative effects of trimethl phosphate and vinylene carbonate as additives for Li-ion batteries are investigated by using the cyclic voltammetry,electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and scanning electronic micro-photographs.The results show that the combination application of TMP and VC as additives for Li-ion batteries not only enhances safety of the batteries,but also improves their cycling performance.The reason may be ascribed to firstly VC being reduced and the reduction product polymerized to form excellent solid electrolyte interface(SEI) layer on the surface of graphite electrode during the first charge and discharge process,which prevents effectively the decomposition of TMP on the surface of the graphite electrode that leads to exfoliation of graphite electrode,at same time,improves the stability of SEI.


Li-ion battery, Trimethl phosphate(TMP), Vinylene carbonate(VC), Solid electrolyte interphase(SEI)

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